The Initiative

The Ambition

C-Factor / Manufacturing Curiosity is a European initiative aiming to foster the contribution of new technologies to the diversity of Culture & Media contents.

Its goal is to support European entrepreneurial endeavours that contribute to promote the diversity of cultural expressions online and smart innovation in the sector of cultural and creative industries, on the basis of the values promoted by several European and international commitments – such as 2005 UNESCO’s Convention on the diversity of cultural expressions, the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) framework of the European Union (H2020) and the European Agenda for Culture (EU Commission, 2018).

Its initial structure is a Paris-based non-profit organisation, backed by the Foundation Mines ParisTech (Paris Sciences & Lettres Research University).

C-Factor’s programmes

an annual forum with rotating venues in Europe, gathering a growing community of experts, entrepreneurs and investors in innovation in the field of Culture & Media, sharing a common commitment to promote the diversity of cultural expressions and responsible innovation.

survey and reports on smart innovation in Culture & Media. 1st edition, in partnership with European Startup Initiative (ESI), will focus on key trends of European content industries based on an updated survey of startups in Europe in the field of Cultural and Creative Industries.

a start-ups competition (Prizes) for projects based in the EU and its neighbourhood, with 6 award-winners in 2 categories (discovery; augmentation), selected by an international jury; a tailored acceleration programme for each of the award-winners (6) in partnership with high level research labs in applied maths, VR/AR and design.

The Ambition

C-Factor’s objectives are to contribute to: