Kalli Giannelos

Kalli Giannelos holds a PhD in social sciences (EHESS, Paris) on the 2005 UNESCO Convention (protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions) and has an interdisciplinary background in ethics, arts, culture and innovation. She is an Onassis Foundation alumna, a graduate of Sciences Po Paris (Master in Arts and Political Science), Paris-1 University (Master in Philosophy) and Paris-Sorbonne University (Master in Musicology), and a trained musician. She has worked in international cultural cooperation (at ICOM and at UNESCO) on intercultural dialogue, cultural heritage preservation, and education projects. She has also worked on the comparative analysis of innovation ecosystems at international level (Europe, Asia, North America) cross-sectorally, at MINES ParisTech-PSL, before joining Sciences Po Paris as a researcher, with a focus on innovation ethics and participatory practices. She is currently Associate Researcher at Sciences Po's Center for Political Research and since March 2021 she works at Missions Publiques as Head of Research, contributing to innovative projects in the field of participatory democracy. Kalli is also Marshall Memorial Fellow of the German Marshall Fund.

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