C-Factor is member of the European consortium DigiTraining

About Digitraining

C-Factor is member of the European consortium DigiTraining (Creative Europe programme — Digital and Audiovisual Capacity Building for Accessible Heritage).

Co-Founded by the Creative EuropeProgramme of the European Commission, DigiTraining provides small and midsize museums, and heritage institutions with the digital skills and the managerial tools to benefit from them and render culture more digitally accessible.

DigiTraining is set to run until July 2022 as a response to the urgent need for providing specific support to the cultural and creative sector in our current challenging environment.
The training is provided by a team with expertise in digital technologies, supporting innovative start-ups, developing and engaging audiences across communication and social media platforms, and with know-how on producing audiovisual material for the arts and heritage.

Structure of the capacity-building programme

The Programme is structured in 3 levels:
- the General Programme provides many organisations with a combined training on digital and audiovisual technology, as well as on digital-related management;
- the Specific Programme provides up to 6 organisations with mentoring through a specific training programme resulting in a strongly increased capacity in digital skills, as well as in strategy and management tools to deal with them;
- finally, through the Qualified Programme a maximum of 3 selected organisations benefit at no cost from the production of a virtual or augmented reality audiovisual project specifically adapted to their mission and narrative, together with the strategic and managerial advice to best integrate it in their activities.

C-Factor is member of the European consortium DigiTraining

The Partners

The DigiTraining Consortium is composed by highly experienced public and private organizations from five different countries. The Consortium is led by the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH) based in Greece, who combines its solid research and technological education expertise with that of ARMINES, France’s largest private non-profit research and technological structure involving also large academic training activities. Portugal based innovation specialists INOVA+ will provide leading strategic management capacity building activities. Denmark’s Khora, a leader in virtual reality and augmented reality production in cultural heritage, will offer strategic input in the development of audio-visual installations for a very targeted selection of beneficiaries. The Consortium is completed by two organizations providing their deep expertise and understanding of the European cultural and creative sector needs and structures: Culture & Media Agency Europe aisbl (CUMEDIAE), from Belgium, and C-FACTOR, from France.


DigiTraining held its Intermediate Partner Meeting on October 21st and 22nd in Paris, France, at the Fondation Robert de Sorbon.
The event provided a great opportunity for networking, management meetings and deeper interaction with beneficiaries.

This event allowed Partners of the project to discuss the developments and objectives of the project’s efforts to support cultural heritage institutions in Europe, through working sessions on “Digitalization of tangible and intangible heritage” (presented by The Foundation for Research & Technology — Hellas (FORTH), on “Motion capture for HeritagePreservation” (presented by ARMINES), as well as on “Strategy management of museum digitalisation” (presented by INOVA+).

The meeting went on with the special participation of keynote speakers: Yves Ubelmann from Iconem, and Dr. Carsten Siebert from Barenboim-Said Akademie.

In addition to these sessions, the beneficiaries of the DigiTraining Specific Programme presented their institutions and the expected outcomes from their participation in the DigiTraining Project.

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