Dave Ranyard

Dave Ranyard is a self confessed VR pioneer and the CEO of an independent virtual reality studio, Dream Reality Interactive. The studio is based in London, where the largest concentration of VR developers outside Silicon Valley are to be found and its mission is to create intuitive virtual reality experiences with deeper challenge and social play. Dave is excited about the future of VR and is keen for the studio to concentrate on a multi-platform approach. Prior to this, Dave was the director of Sony’s London Studio, where he oversaw Sony’s critically acclaimed ventures into the world of virtual reality on PlayStation. Recent demos include Ocean Descent, The London Heist and The Getaway, exhibited around the world at key games industry events such as E3, GDC and Gamescom and are to be part of the premium PlayStation VR retail package, known as VR worlds. Having, studied at Leeds University, Dave obtained a 1st in computer science and PhD in artificial intelligence. Prior to becoming London Studio head he has been a research fellow, programmer, audio manager & musician, creative services manager, executive producer (SingStar & Wonderbook) and has released a number of dance records. Dave is also an active member of the game development industry, holding positions on the BAFTA Games Committee, the Game Developers Conference (San Francisco) and the Virtual Reality World Congress.

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