Dr. Sotiris Manitsaris is Senior Researcher and Science-Technology Project and Team Leader at the Centre for Robotics of MINES ParisTech, Université PSL. He holds a University Degree in Applied Mathematics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a double Master Degree in Local Development from the University of Blaise-Pascal and the Engineering School of the University of Thessaly and a PhD in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence from the University of Macedonia. He participated in projects as postdoctoral fellow in Human-Robot Collaboration for the Industry 4.0, the Biomedical Engineering and the Creative and Cultural Industries. He is currently involved in a number of H2020 projects and he has strong collaboration with startups and industrial groups, such as PSA, CRF, SAGEM and a number of Creative and Cultural Industries. His research focuses on movement-based human-machine collaboration and Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence in general. He leads the Post-Master’s Degree AIMove – “Artificial Intelligence and Movement in Industries and Creation”, which is supported by European academic and professional leaders of the field. Moreover, he is the President of the GAIIA Association (Gesture & AI in Industry and Arts) and the Head of IT researchers group at the ElonTech Observatory in law and new technologies.

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